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Flashbox Photo Booth Rentals can turn an average experience into an extraordinary one. Any location in Honolulu is a beautiful one, but imagine the possibilities you can unlock once you rent one of our Flashbox Photo Booths for your event.

Some of the best moments are the most spontaneous and you’ll be able to capture every single one of them with our photo booth rental. Of course, the Honolulu area already has a plethora of spectacular views and natural features, and photo booth backgrounds will have a hard time contending. However, it’s not what’s behind the photos that’s important, but instead the people within them.

Flashbox Photo Booths give people a chance to express themselves in ways they other wise couldn’t have imagined. Some of our client’s love our booths so much they hire us time and time again. There’s something magical about giving someone the ability to express themselves, especially in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world.

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What Are The Best Occasions For Photo Booths?

Flashbox Photo Booths are becoming the hottest trend for weddings. If you’ve already attended a wedding that had a photo booth then you know how fun they can be. Photo booths and weddings are a match made in heaven!

Although utilizing photo booths for weddings is a relatively new development they are exploding across the country right now because they are so much fun. It’s almost impossible to guess which age group will be enjoying the photo booth the most.

Wedding photo booth rentals are also a great way to keep your event elegant, while making sure it doesn’t get too stuffy. Our photo booth rentals are the ultimate blend of modern day chic and present day good times.

Beyond weddings our photo booth rentals serve corporate events. Whether you’re giving your employees a break from the cubicle, or celebrating their accomplishments with an employee party, renting a photo booth can bring a whole new level of fun. We’ve also seen our rentals being used for launching a new product, at a holiday party, or just to spice up your office on occasion.

Birthdays are a great occasion to celebrate the person you really care about. What a better way to show them you care than to make memories that will last a lifetime inside our photo booths.

Anniversaries also are a great time to rent one of our photo booths. Why don’t you make this year the year you commemorate your anniversary with a fun set of photos you’ll remember for a long time?

Special occasions, such as, Mitzvahs and Quinceaneras also make great occasions to show your loved ones you truly care. These special times in your child’s life can be remembered forever, by giving them a fun experience they’ll never forget.

Anytime you’re looking to make your event extra special consider renting one of our high quality photo booths. No matter where your party is, we’ll bring the party to you with our photo booths.

Most Commonly Asked Flashbox Photo Booth Rental Questions

Most people usually approach us with the same questions, so we’ve answered the most common photo booth rental questions below.

What Is The Overall Quality Of Your Photos?

Our photos are extremely high quality and something you’d want to keep around for a long time and when you step out of our booth 2 photo strips are printed after each session. A lot of photo booths skimp on the final printed photo quality, but we believe you should be left with something that encapsulates all the fun you had while taking the pictures.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Print Your Photos?

Our photos print very rapidly. Within moments after leaving the booth (around 20 seconds), your beautiful photos will be printed and ready to share. Of course, that’s when the real fun begins as you’ll be sure to take multiple trips through the booth.

Why Should I Choose Flashbox?

Event photographers are great, however they’re unable to capture the once in a lifetime moments that take place inside of a photo booth. No where else will you find all of the crazy props to entertain yourself, or on-site printing to see what you look like in real time. If you’re looking to capture crazy moments that you’ll remember forever consider renting one of our photo booths for your next event.

What Is The Pricing Structure For Your Photo Booths?

Everyone should have the ability to experience the joy that comes from taking silly photos with your loved ones in one of our booths. Request a quote to view our current rate page for more detailed breakdown of what we charge.

We promise to deliver you the best photo booth experience possible, at an affordable rate. We’re happy to come up with a creative solution to meet your event needs. Get in touch with us today!

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